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Dog Breeders Selling ‘excess stock’ Puppies To Animal Testing Labs To Die In Agony During Experiment

DOG breeders struggling to sell puppies during the coronavirus pandemic are flogging off surplus pets for experiments.

All excess breeds of dog and puppy "are destined for the scalpel”, to die in agony in French animal testing labs, warns campaign group One Voice.

A dog and her puppies in a breeding facility Credit: one-voice.fr

Dogs being experimented upon while restrained on their backs in a French lab Credit: one-voice.fr

“A decree that the government adopted on the quiet during the [coronavirus] lockdown allows them to be sacrificed.

“We need to act very quickly to get this barbarity stopped,” the animal rights group urges.

The French government is allowing dog breeders to sell “surplus stock” during the Covid-19 crisis.

One Voice says the decree “means that hundreds of dogs have been sentenced to be experimented on.

“Pet breeders are authorised to supply laboratories with animals to experiment on without being registered. 

“Establishments can therefore now simply get rid of their 'surplus' dogs without any checks being carried out.

“[It’s] a very handy way of making money from animals left unsold as a result of businesses not being allowed to operate over the last few weeks.”

A researcher puts something into the mouth of an anaesthetised dog in one undercover pic Credit: one-voice.fr

This is allowed under Decree no 2020-27 of March 17, 2020, which amends the regulations on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes, the group explains.

“The relaxation of these criteria benefits non-specialist suppliers and will give rise to a new system of shameful abuse and, eventually, make organised massacre [of dogs] legal,” it warns.

One Voice adds: “Breeders of hunting dogs have a particularly close relationship with laboratories, supplying them with numerous victims such as beagles, springer spaniels and pointers.

Beagles - like the scared one hiding in this lab - are among the breeds sought for experiments Credit: one-voice.fr

A beagle peeks out between bars where it is being held for lab tests Credit: one-voice.fr

“Being medium-sized, gentle and docile, hunting dogs are in fact very popular 'subjects of scientific research' because they are easier to handle.

“The abuse inflicted on the dogs is indescribable.

“Medications are tested on them, they are injected with viruses, they are poisoned so that the symptoms and resultant damage can be studied and their organs are 'examined'.

“They are made ill or mad in the name of science and genetic experiments are carried out on them.

“We know that none of the results obtained by animal experimentation can be applied to humans.

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/

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