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A 'dog mum' has transformed two Kmart cubbies into a lavish house for her pets.

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Doting 'dog mum' transforms two $250 Kmart cubby houses into a lavish outdoor home for her beloved pets Dorothy and Martha

A doting 'dog mum' has transformed two Kmart cubby homes into an epic outdoor shelter for her beloved pets.

Jessica Breen was keen to treat her 'fur babies', golden retriever Dorothy and border collie Martha, to a warm, dry place to sleep outside.

The animal lover from Brisbane, Queensland, decorated two $250 Kmart cubby houses typically used as children's play areas with accessories from brands like Bunnings and Spotlight to give the pups the space they deserve.

Ms Breen shared photos of the doghouse on her Facebook renovation page, showing people every step of the project which was completed with help from her husband, Sinclair.

Dorothy (left) and sheepdog Martha (right)

A night view of the doghouse shows Dorothy and Martha sitting beneath fairy lights

Hundreds of Australian parents have transformed Kmart cubby houses into stylish play areas for their kids since COVID-19 lockdown began on March 23, but this is the first time a cubby turned doghouse has been shared online.

Ms. Breen painted the cubby houses which are currently out of stock in-store and online with paint from Bunnings, coating the main body in white, the windows and roof in charcoal grey and the doors in green and firetruck red.

She arranged artificial flowers from Spotlight in the window boxes and strung fairy lights from Bunnings beneath the eaves of the roof.

Finally, she fixed letters from Spotlight over each door spelling out the names of her dogs, Dorothy and Martha.

The house is surrounded by a white picket fence made from pieces of timber from Bunnings.

The cubby houses before (left) and after (right) renovation

Ms Breen's husband Sinclair paints the windows of the cubby in charcoal grey

Photos of the house have been liked 2,100 times since they were shared on Friday, with hundreds calling it the best thing they've seen online in years. 

'You win! Everyone else can go home,' said one woman.

Another said: 'This is better than my actual house!'

'I love this so much, they are two lucky doggies!' Love their names too,' said a third.

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